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  • 3D CT Imaging
  • Root Canal
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3D Enhanced Technology in Microscopic Environments

Root canal therapy and implant procedures exist in microscopic environments where length and width is measured in millimeters (1 mm = 0.039 inch). To work in miniscule environments, Dr. Buchanan uses the TRUEVision 3D camera: The most advanced microscopic 3D camera available to bring the microscopic world into telescopic reality.

The precision and intricacies revealed through 3D imaging and large screen technology allows us to become fully intimate with anatomy. Procedural access is now enhanced to a degree never before realized. This is Dr. Buchanan’s standard of care for his patients.

Root canal access can now be viewed by Dr. Buchanan and chair-side assistants clearly and easily. The 3D camera renders objects as they inhabit actual space.

Dr. Buchanan’s 35 years of practice and training in endodontics can be fully realized in this new visual setting for the greatest possible outcome in root canal therapy and implant procedures.

With the aid of 3D technology, Dr. Buchanan and his team where able to place 12 implants for a patient who had lost the majority of his teeth to chemotherapy.

It was our privilege to be part of patient’s restoration to health and happiness.